November 11, 2008

15 Thoughts vs. Miami 11/12

Game 2 of the first road trip of the season!  Woo!  "Your" Blazers stubbed the hell out of the Magic the other night, ending a few different streaks in the process and now have their sights set on the Miami Heat Dancers.  Tonight is another "must have" with a trip to New Orleans only days away.  The Heat have been somewhat surprising though, with the complete return of Wade and steady play of Beasley and Chalmers.

But are they any match for...the 15?!

1.  Heat Dancers are 3 time defending champs ?  +3 Moving to Miami
2.  Brandon Roy's back.  +1 Heat
3.  Dwyane Wade.  +1 Heat
4.  Not allowing another home consecutive winning record .  +1 Blazers
5.  Michael Beasley's shenanigans.  +1 Blazers
6.  Miami winning by 18.0 on average at home this year.  +1 Heat
7.  Asking your friend to spell Yakhouba Diawara .  +1 NBA Knowledge Pride
8.  Oden vs. Haslem.  +1 Blazers
9.  Heat Dancer Laura reading the bible while watching Scarface.  +1 Scared
10.  Alonzo Mourning hovering in the January distance.  -1 Kidney Transplants
11.  Shawn Marion's mask which he loves so much .  +1 Rip Hamilton Jokes
12.  Battle #2 of the bad point guards.  +1 Blazers
13.  GameCasting the first half while at work.  +1 Productivity
14.  Our rookie topping all the charts.  +1 Pritchard
15.  Thinking 5-3 looks much sexier going to New Orleans.  +1 Blazers

Totals:  Blazers 5   Heat 3   Moving 3   Pride 1   Kidneys -1   Masks 1   Productivity 1
Pritchard 1   Scared 1

Predicted Winner:  Blazers

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Steven 11/12/08, 10:05 AM  

Great list this morning!
...and yes, I'll be GameCasting the first half at the office then listening on the radio on the way home, too!

Go Blazers!!!

Matt 11/12/08, 10:29 AM  

Those Heat Dancers are not attractive. Okay, I kid I kid. Hey, I like the Blazers too! I really think we can pull it off.

Anonymous 11/12/08, 10:31 AM  

Hey Steven!

Glad you enjoyed it! It's too bad we have to miss the first half; I think it's going to be electric in Miami tonight.

Anonymous 11/12/08, 10:33 AM  

I was on the Heat Dancers MySpace page last night...jaw dropped a few times. It's just not fair...

Anonymous 11/12/08, 10:36 AM  

like kellex actually works.

Anonymous 11/12/08, 11:09 AM  

As long as I say that I work, I feel a little better about myself.

Matt 11/12/08, 1:37 PM  

Me too!

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