November 14, 2008

15 Thoughts vs. New Orleans 11/14

Hello 4 game winning streak!  Hello 2-0 start to a road trip! Hello next victim New Orleans!  Tonight probably marks the toughest test for the Blazers yet.  A game against a home Hornets squad coming off a loss to the oh-so-hated Lakers means, "Hello Motivation!"

Lets see if our 15 will do the trick!

1.  Lookout 3 game road winning streak!  +1 Blazers
2.  Super Dooper Oop Combo:  Paul to Chandler.  +1 Hornets
3.  Super Dooper Oop Combo:  Sergio to Rudy.  +1 Blazers
4.  Battle of the bad vs. amazing point guards.  +1 Hornets
5.  Honeybees, hot or not?  Toss Up
6.  That damn ESPN Accuscore+1 Hornets
7.  Rudy renaming parts of New Orleans to the “Spanish Quarter”.  +1 R.O.Y.
8.  West vs. Aldridge.  Toss Up
9.  The “Posey Factor”.  +1 Hornets
10.  The “Peja jacking up unauthorized 3’s Factor”.  +1 Blazers
11.  Hugo vs. Blaze.  +1 Hornets
12.  Brandon Roy’s pain threshold.  +1 Blazers
13.  McMillan vs. Scott in the battle of coaching power stances.  +1 Nate
14.  Chris Paul’s consecutive 20-10 streak.  +1 Ridiculous
15.  This becoming the match-up to see for years.  +1 Guaranteed

Totals:  Blazers 4   Hornets 5   R.O.Y. 1   Nate 1   Ridiculous 1   Rivalry 1

Predicted Winner:  Hornets (pfft, barely)

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Anonymous 11/14/08, 9:46 AM  

16. Bowling with $50K worth of jewelry. +1 Good to be CP3

Matt 11/14/08, 3:01 PM  

PS I love bowling which makes me Like Chris even more.

Steven 11/14/08, 3:02 PM  

Sorry, but you missed it this time. Portland will win regardless of your 15. Even though they were very funny.

Anonymous 11/14/08, 3:56 PM  

I'm really hoping you are right Steven. I hate the pick against the boys, but winning on the road against elite teams is pretty difficult.

That said, GO BLAZERS!

And Sheed, love the bowling. You know he's like an ambassador to the PBA?

Matt 11/14/08, 4:18 PM  

I didn't really know that. Ever since I got my own ball a few years ago, I've loved bowling. It really makes all the difference in the world. A lot of people flick S if you say you like bowling but it's actually very fun. I rolled a 233 a few months ago, that was AWESOME.

Anonymous 11/14/08, 4:21 PM  

Solid. My parents are competitive bowlers (like tourneys and shit), so I'm definitely down with it. Damn bowling haters.

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