November 10, 2008

15 Thoughts vs. Orlando 11/10

A 5 game road trip needs to get started on a positive note or things can spiral exponentially downward in a hurry.  After 2 giant home wins and back to .500 overall, the Blazers better come ready to play.  Orlando has been at home for an entire week playing the schmucks of the east, so no guarantees on this one, except the usual 15!

1.  Blazers 3-0 at home, 0-3 on the road.  +1 Magic
2.  Orlando on the verge of closing out a home stand at 5-0.  +1 Magic
3.  Oden actually making the trip out east!  +1 Blazers
4.  Portland hasn’t won in Orlando since Nov. 24, 2004.  +1 Magic
5.  J.J. Redick averaging 0.5 pts/game.  +1 Kellex’s Personal Satisfaction
6.  Dwight’s padded tank top from Adidas is not cute.  +1 Nike
7.  Orlando’s Dunking Dancers.  +1 Magic
8.  Regular Magic Dancers.  Eww.  -1 Pre-Season Audition Panel
9.  Rudy vs. Dwight part 2.  Toss Up
10.  LaMarcus vs. Turkoglu/Lewis?  +1 Blazers
11.  Roy flowing off of 2 straight game winners.  +1 Blazers
12.  Battle of the bad point guards.  Toss Up
13.  Early game not influencing the Monday Gossip Girl party.  +1 I Didn’t Admit That
14.  Those new Orlando Uni’s+1 Magic
15.  Pressure to win game 1 of this road trip.  +1 Blazers

Totals:  Blazers 4   Magic 5   Satisfaction 1   Nike 1   Audition Panel -1   Embarrassed 1

Predicted Winner:  Magic 

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