November 10, 2008

2008-09 NBA Power Rankings - Week 3

Another week down and it still doesn't feel like the season has really started rolling.  Atlanta is lucky undefeated while the Spurs are 1-4, New York is winning while the Wizards are plummeting; maybe this year will follow suit to the NFL season which has been absolutely ridiculous?

On to the week 3 rankings!

The Joe Calzaghe's:
1.  Los Angeles Lakers
2.  Boston Celtics
3.  Atlanta Hawks
4.  Cleveland Cavaliers
5.  Utah Jazz
6.  New Orleans Hornets
7.  Phoenix Suns
8.  Toronto Raptors
9.  Detroit Pistons
10.  Orlando Magic

The Roy Jones Jr.'s:
11.  New York Knicks
12.  Portland Trail Blazers
13.  Houston Rockets
14.  Miami Heat
15.  Denver Nuggets
16.  Chicago Bulls
17.  Milwaukee Bucks
18.  Memphis Grizzlies
19.  Sacramento Kings
20.  Dallas Mavericks

The Retiree's:
21.  Indiana Pacers
22.  Philadelphia Sixers
23.  Golden State Warriors
24.  New Jersey Nets
25.  Charlotte Bobcats
26.  San Antonio Spurs
27.  Oklahoma City Thunder
28.  Minnesota Timberwolves
29.  Los Angeles Clippers
30.  Washington Wizards

Don't forget to check out the weekly rankings over at Cuzoogle!

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