November 6, 2008

Now That's a Game! Blazers in OT 101-99

WOW.  A big thanks to Charles Barkley for calling this a "boring" game at half time.  How'd that finish work out for ya, Chuck?

In case you didn't get to see this game, you missed one hell of a finish.  It went something like this:
  • In regulation, a defensive stop by Roy on Artest to get the ball back followed by a huge defensive stop by Artest on Roy to send the game into OT.
  • In OT, a couple of baskets traded, but with 10 seconds the Blazers grabbed the ball, handed it to Roy who jarred an 18 footer to go up 2 with 1.8 seconds left.
  • Rockets call timeout, get the ball out of bounds, post Yao up and feed him the ball.  Yao turns, hits a fade-away and gets FOULED by Roy.  So he makes the free throw putting the Rockets up 1.  Yeah you can say "WTF?!?!" right about now.
  • With 0.8 seconds, the Blazers have time for a catch and shoot.  Roy blasts up the right side of the lane finishing about 30 feet out, catches, turns...DROPS A BOMB as the light comes on to finish off the Houston Rockets.
I'm so running on crazy energy right now!  I'm sure there will be video of this soon and I'll have it for all of you that missed it!

And his interview with Cheryl Miller after the shot:

And a video of the final 3 shots:

A few more thoughts:
  • Oh and by the way, still no defense tonight although down the stretch, they were able to come up with a few big stops.
  • LaMarcus had a huge night.  By far his best performance so far this season.
  • Rudy was damn solid again with 15 points and 3 of 5 from deep.
  • Travis with 13 boards?   That-a-kid.
  • Tough shooting night for Roy, but he sure finished it with a flurry.  Huge props to Artest for some incredible defense.
  • And another quick "thank you" to my fantasy all-star squad tonight.  T-Mac, Scola, Yao, Roy and Rudy.
Box score.

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Anonymous 11/7/08, 12:09 AM  

THANK YOU for the video clip! i thought the game was on comcast so i didnt set my DVR. i caught the 5th quarter on the radio and felt deflated dejected and devastated over missing this! keep it up!!

Anonymous 11/7/08, 12:11 AM  

So amazing! My girlfriend drops the "it's over" after the foul on Yao's jumper and all I could say is "0.8 is quite a bit of time"...SURE ENOUGH!

Anonymous 11/7/08, 11:29 AM  

That was one of the most unbelievable finishes to a game I've ever seen. The rockets were so amped, only to be let down with a 30ft buzzer beater.

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