November 1, 2008

Steve "Liability" Blake?

I've got to say that Steve Blake has turned into an absolute liability against opposing point guards. Stevie is a great dude, and a the work ethic and determination should be enough to keep me satisfied, but I'm not.

The last 2 games, the Blazers faced off against 2 premier guards in Nash and Parker and what happened? They were abused. There was no stopping Mr. Longoria or Nash at any point with Blake in the game and early on in the 1st quarter tonight, I became excessively irritated.

Like I said, Steve, I love you man and I appreciate you as a person, but defensively you are really not providing the support your team needs. A kid like Bayless, as a 20 year old, brings a more physical presence. No one will ever doubt your heart or effort level, but we need you to bring the beef or your team is going to continue to get trounced by the Nash's, Davis', Parker's, Williams', and Paul's of the world.

When you are continuously getting beat off of picks or just broken down off the dribble, your big men have to step up. Well, those big men can't step up 25 times a game and expect to have proper defensive rotation on a consistent basis.

It may be time to consider Bayless. The draft pick was used and the guy has proven to be a physical beast on the defensive end. A kid like this is just asking for minutes to prove what he's capable of doing. At this time, I ask for change. Give it a whirl Natey Mac!

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