November 16, 2008

Too Close for Comfort, Blazers take out the T-Wolves. 88-83

Late write-up from a late night of celebrating!  This team is going to give me an ulcer if they keep letting teams hang around that have no business being on the same court as them.  The Minnesota Timberwolves are a team that needs to be handled if this Portland Trail Blazer crew has expectations of making the playoffs.

Quick Recap:

This game absolutely should have been a blowout and wasn't.  At no point, did this ever look like the Blazers were going to take control and put away the T-Wolves and that's a little scary.  There was steady play again from Roy but the rest of the team disappeared in a game where Portland had many advantages.  They did pull together down the stretch defensively (or cold shooting from Minnesota) to come back and outscore the T-Wolves by 15 in the second half.  Thanks to some big plays from Oden as well, and this road trip is looking like a great success.  One more to go at Golden State!

Game thoughts in fantastical bulleted format: 
  • Oden's presence was felt.  Jefferson actually looked scared with Oden on him at times.
  • Thank you Brandon Roy.
  • Calling LaMarcus, Rudy and Travis!  You guys still around?
  • Al Jefferson is almost unstoppable at the block.
  • Sebastian Telfair is sooooooooooo bad, and I'm giddy.
  • And so is Kevin Love.  See his plus/minus from last night?
  • Starting to feel bad for Bayless, especially with such a promising summer.
  • The combo of Joel and Greg could prove to be too much for teams in the future and that's exciting.
Highlights for those of you that have a life on Saturday nights:

Box score.

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