November 22, 2008

Too Much Sun in Phoenix. Blazers get Burned. 92-102

Back-to-back games proved to be too much for the Portland Trail Blazers tonight.  Well that and not showing up on the defensive end, which seems like an almost nightly occurrence for this young team.  I'm also starting to get frustrated with Greg and his lack of fire or emotion when the team really needs it.

Quick Recap:

The first half of this game was pretty hard to watch as each team was ice cold on offense while also not playing much defense.  Nothing exciting happened except for Stoudemire posterizing Outlaw who then disappeared for the entire game.  Blake was on fire for the second night in a row which is sort of a good thing, but not when guys like Aldridge and Fernandez are throwing up clunkers you know it's going to be a long one.  The Blazeres put on quite a run late in the 3rd and then pissed it right back away by allowing the Suns as many open looks from deep as they could ask for.  The 4th quarter was slow and Portland just couldn't put a big run together.

Game thoughts in fantastical bulleted format: 
  • Oden vs. Shaq was a snoozer.
  • Aldridge was fairly flat the night after playing up to his potential.
  • Brandon Roy is just damn amazing.
  • Nash was key during a stretch where the Blazers made a run.
  • Matt Barnes is such a tool.  What's with the helmet hair?
  • Poor Outlaw really did get abused by Amare.
  • Nice to see Blake playing so well.
  • Sergio played 7 minutes?
  • Time to give Batum more than 18 minutes a game isn't it?
  • Come back home boys and rest up.
Highlights for those of you line dancing on a Saturday night:

Box score.

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