November 19, 2008

Whoa Blazers! A Hammering of the Bulls. 116-74

What a showing tonight from the Portland Trail Blazers!  During the opening minutes of the first quarter, this thing was basically decided.  So much for that big match-up between rookies Greg Oden and Derrick Rose, as Rose decided either not to show up or was completely shut down by the point guard tandom of the Blazers.

Quick Recap:

The Blazers jumped out to an enormous first quarter lead and never let up.  I was actually surprised to see Portland not allow any sort of comeback seeing as this year they have struggled at putting teams away once they grab a hold of a lead.  However, after leading 34-13 through one, the Blazers controlled each quarter thereafter finishing out with one of the most dominating performances I have seen from the Blazers during my 4 years in Portland.  Wow.

Game thoughts in fantastical bulleted format: 
  • The Bulls looked awful in every aspect of the game tonight.
  • Did Derrick Rose make the trip to Portland?
  • Greg Oden had a very nice debut in his home town.
  • The things Brandon Roy continues to do, blow my mind.
  • Haha, Joakim Noah.  I really wanted someone to foul out in one half.
  • Nice to see Channing find a rhythm again.
  • Joel Przybilla is probably the second most important piece to this team.
  • Sergio is possibly solidified his spot as the future point guard.
  • Nocioni's hair really does scare me.
  • Aldridge showed signs of his normal self, but we are still waiting.
  • There was a Larry Hughes sighting!
  • Poor Bayless.
Plus/Minus sheet (since we showed this to you earlier):


Box score.

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Matt 11/20/08, 8:41 AM  

How about that game? I loved being there for the dunk fest. So good.

Anonymous 11/20/08, 9:53 AM  

I'm sure it was awesome to see in person. Every couple of seconds for a while there I just kept screaming "OH!! DAMN!"

Dereck 11/21/08, 1:29 AM  

Nice highlights. Here are some more I think Blazer fans will appreciate, despite the low-fi steadycam action.

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