December 16, 2008

Rest Helps. Blazers Laugh in the Faces of Kings. 109-77

Are we surprised that the Portland Trail Blazers blew out the Kings tonight?  Not really.  This season, after a minimum of 2 days rest, they have blown out enough opponents that a 3 day rest almost guarantees a victory.  The team just looked reaaaaally in sync and refreshed.  During the 3 game skid, you could see some frustrations, but you could really see the exhaustion.  The game is officially back on NBA!

Quick Recap:

I missed the first half while I sucked down a french dip from the Deschutes Brewery in the Pearl and for whatever reason they had Marquette vs. Tennessee on every TV.  Anyways, I definitely caught most of it on the radio and the entire 4th quarter on CSNW.  What a showing from Mr. Brandon Roy again.  It was just weeks ago that everyone kept bringing up whether or not he should be more selfish and if he could average almost 30 points per game.  Well, he's answering those questions with authority.  Overall the team didn't shoot well, but defensively the Blazers completely controlled everything the Kings tried to accomplish.  Aside from John Salmons in the first half that is.

Game thoughts in fantastical bulleted format:
  • Oden, Aldridge and "Ghostface" Przybilla completely controlled the glass.
  • Can anyone stop Brandon Roy right now?
  • The Kings are sorely missing Kevin Martin.
  • Nice to see Batum have a strong game.
  • John Salmons is not capable of leading a team to wins.
  • Neither is Francisco Garcia.
  • And the Kings won't be missing Reggie Theus any time soon.
  • Love the Bayless dunk!  (Dunk contest?)
  • Good to see the phasing out of Outlaw.
  • Bring on the Suns!
Plus/Minus Sheet:

Box score.

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