December 7, 2008

What a Road Trip Ending! Blazers Steal one from Toronto. 98-97

Can you say, HUGE WIN?  To finish up a road trip like this at 4-1, you have to think Nate McMillan is one happy coach.  The Portland Trail Blazers may have slipped up in Boston, but who hasn't aside from the Nuggets?  What a great 5 game stretch it was for a team that just a year ago struggled to beat the worst of the NBA on the road.  Nice work boys!

Quick Recap:

The Raptors jumped out to a huge 16 point lead early on in this game and you started to get the feeling that the Blazers were worn out from Friday's disappointment and just wanted to get back home to Portland.  Well then the second and third quarters changed those feelings in a hurry and the game quickly turned around in favor of the Blazers.  The 4th quarter was back and forth while we all watched Portland give up 2 ten point leds only to have Mr. Steve Blake drop the winning three with 8 seconds left.  I had so many bad feelings throughout this entire game, yet they still found a way to win.  This season is going to continue to be magical.  See you all tuesday night!

Game thoughts in fantastical bulleted format:
  • Oden is starting to make a difference.  Well, when he wants to that is.
  • Even though Roy has been off for 2 games, he still drives this bus.
  • Jermaine O'Neal looked all-star-esque today.
  • Bosh needs to come out of this slump if Toronto is going to turn this around.
  • Jose Calderon is quickly moving his way up the most annoying list.
  • Jamario Moon is awful.
  • Bargnani is slower than a bow legged donkey.
  • Still want to trade Steve Blake people?
  • Nice work today LA.
  • If Toronto really does go uptempo, they could be really fun to watch.
  • Come home and rest gentlemen, you deserve it.
Plus/Minus sheet:

Highlights for those of you footballing on a Sunday:

(I'm a fan of these highlights.  Good quality and a solid 6 minute recap from that whacky Canadien station, TSN.  The problem though?  They only show Raptors highlights until the last Blake shot.)

(And here are the "neutral" highlights.  Your welcome.)

Box score.

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