May 7, 2009

10 Best Ron Artest Quotes in Video

Ron Artest is quickly becoming one of our favorite players of all time. After all these years of absurdity, he just keeps amazing us with a new way to look like a complete whack-job. Like last night, out of no where, couldn't take a box out from Kobe Bean, gets kicked out, and then drops these gems about kids dying on basketball courts. We love you Ron, please don't stop what your doing and stay "hood."

"NO LAYUPS! NO LAYUPS!" - After an entire game of mental instability, this quote just about sums it up down in Mormon country.

"Paaaaaaul, I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to humiliate you on TV." - A simple serenade to Paul Pierce after de-pantsing him in the middle of a game.

"Fortunately beer doesn't harm your eyes, you can just whipe it out." - After the Palace brawl, Artest seems more worried about the beer burning his eyes out, you know, because beer does that...

(Click image to get to video.)

"I've been in the stands before..." - At the end of game 6 this year vs. the Blazers, Ron thought about having some dude's beer. I guess that would have been fine, as long as his eyes weren't involved in the consumption.

"You're not ready for me Kobe." - Ron-Ron getting inside Kobe's head? Or maybe just allowing him to drop 18 in the 4th?

"Brandon Roy is the best player I've played against." - The now famous quotes on Brandon Roy as the best player he's ever faced. Well, except for some guy that's now in jail. Ok!

"I'm growing up, maturing, but at the same time I'm hood forever. - Post-brawl interview reminding everyone that he's "hood". We know Ron, no need for reminders.

"Tracy has to step it up on defense, he's very inconsistent on defense, so he has to get better." - Artest showing his love for teammates and also calling himself a #1 while in Sacramento. And no, he's not kidding.

"Stay focused and stay away from unknown females." - Advice for the kids. Solid.

"When you train dogs to fight, someone could really get hurt or die just from snappin'." - Some brilliant insight there during his PETA ad. I had no idea that fighting pit bulls could get someone hurt!

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Anonymous 5/7/09, 12:51 PM  

an elbow in the throat is not a box-out, numbnutz. kobe's lucky artest has matured a bit, the old ron-ron would have knocked his ass out right there on national television. there's a reason kobe's never gotten an MVP award... when you're a prick, nobody likes you, even if you can drop 80 points on a lottery team.

Anonymous 5/7/09, 1:08 PM  

What? Kobe was MVP 07-08. What are you smoking?

kellex 5/7/09, 2:37 PM  

You seriously think Kobe purposely elbowed Ron in the throat? Come on playboy. I hate Kobe as much or more than anybody else in this league and even I'm not that stupid.

And yeah...he has won an MVP.

Anonymous 5/7/09, 4:23 PM  

Amen kellex, AMEN.
but i LOVE kobe and all his haters just fuel him so whatever.
and artest calling barkley overrated? im surprised i haven't heard anything about barkley saying something back at him.

but the best was the apology serenade in the falsetto 2 tha truth. literally tears in my eyes from laughing so hard!

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