May 10, 2009

10 NBA Playoff Buzzer Beaters or Clutch Moments from Unlikely Candidates

After Glenn Davis dropped the Orlando Magic tonight in the second round of the NBA Playoffs, we got to thinking about all of the other sub-par NBA players throughout the years that have canned some pretty big shots.  Guys like Robert Horry and Derek Fisher kept coming to mind which gave us an instant headache.

Here is the list starting with "Big Baby" of course...

Glen "Big Baby" Davis takes out the Magic in game 4.

Derek Fisher with 0.4 seconds left after Duncan went pre-mature miracle.

Robert Horry ends the Queens after the luckiest tip out in history.

Tim Duncan unlikely only because it was a god damn three.

Sean Elliott goes tippee-toes on the Blazers.

Rex Chapman with the impossible one footer.

Steve Kerr rather than MJ hitting the Chip clincher.

John Paxson, another short white guy, pulls off some Bulls magic.

And this may have been at the end of a half, but Aaron Brooks, damn.

And not that this was "unlikely" for Rob, but for him to do all of this...

Any of your favorites that we missed?

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Jim N. 5/11/09, 9:26 AM  

Awww gentlemen, how do we forget Devin Harris's trip and tumble lob from half court for the game???

Anonymous 5/11/09, 9:32 AM  

How about Bird to DJ after stealing from Isiah in 1987.

How about Magic Johnson's Sky hook over Bird, McHale and Parish in Game 4 of the 1987 finals?!?!

How about Jabbar's sky hook (over Hank Finkel; cowens had fouled out) in Game 6 of the 1974 finals?!?!?!

kellex 5/11/09, 9:40 AM  

I thought about adding DJ to the list, but Magic and Kareem weren't necessarily "unlikely" candidates.

And was Devin Harris in the playoffs? You talking about the game from this year's reg season? Either way, it was fantastic.

Anonymous 5/11/09, 9:51 AM  

C'mon, you missed the best NBA Clutch shot by the most unlikely hero of ALL time. Gar Heard of Phoenix in the 1976 Finals versus the Celtics in game 5 to send the game into the third overtime!

With two seconds remaining in double overtime, John Havlicek had given Boston a one-point advantage with a running one-handed shot. The Celtics' timekeeper then ran the clock out instead of stopping it after a made basket, per league rules. The Boston Garden crowd erupted, believing the game was over, and the Celtics themselves actually went back to their locker room. Legend has it that Havlicek had actually taken the tape off his ankles by this stage. But the Suns correctly pointed that there was still time left, though the officials only placed one second back on the clock instead of two. (Celtics fans had stormed the court after the time was erroneously allowed to expire, and one particularly boisterous fan attacked referee Richie Powers after it was announced that the game was not over yet.) Paul Westphal then intentionally took a technical foul by calling a timeout when the Suns had no more timeouts to use. It gave the Celtics a free throw, which Jo Jo White converted to give Boston a two-point edge, but the timeout also allowed Phoenix to inbound from mid-court instead of from under their own basket. When play resumed, Heard caught the inbound pass and fired a very high-arcing turnaround jump shot from at least 20 feet away. It swished through, sending the game into a third overtime.

(The last minute of the second OT is incredible. Heard's shot is about the 7:00 minute mark, however if you don't watch the entire clip, you miss great basket ball plus the class and dignity shown by Celtic fans)

Of course, Boston went on to win the game and the NBA championship but for just a moment, it looked like the network and the NBA would not get "their" champion. The more things change....


Anonymous 5/11/09, 9:51 AM  

rik smits v. knicks

kellex 5/11/09, 10:07 AM  

I wasn't alive in '76 :P

And I almost put Smits in there! But then thought about him being somewhat of an above-average player.

Anonymous 5/11/09, 11:27 AM  

Eddie Johnson in the 1997 Western Conference Finals. Hit the game winning 3 at the buzzer when on the floor with Olajuwon, Barkley, and Drexler.

Anonymous 5/11/09, 11:33 AM  

Stockton sends the Utah Jazz to the NBA finals

kellex 5/11/09, 11:34 AM  

Eddie Johnson probably should have made this list for sure. Especially watching him run around lost after hitting that shot.

Anonymous 5/11/09, 2:09 PM  

Ralph Sampson in the 86 playoffs to beat the lakers...

Anonymous 5/11/09, 4:22 PM  

poor turkoglu being on the receiving end of three of those shots...

Anonymous 5/11/09, 6:30 PM  

allan houston vs heat?

Anonymous 5/11/09, 6:45 PM  

Kobe, 2006 Playoffs against Phoenix in regulation and overtime!

Anonymous 5/11/09, 7:29 PM  

Sorry guys, but this list fails... MJ vs. Cleveland. It started the Era and should have been considered.

Anonymous 5/11/09, 7:34 PM  

Fisher wasn't clutch. He was just lucky.

Anonymous 5/11/09, 7:38 PM  

Michael Jordan over Craig Ehlo in 1991 (?). It has its own name - "The Shot". Hello?

Anonymous 5/11/09, 7:54 PM  

larry johnson 4 point play

Anonymous 5/11/09, 7:57 PM  

mario elie -

kellex 5/11/09, 8:14 PM  

I knew Mario Elie had a big one...missed that one for sure.

Anonymous 5/11/09, 8:15 PM  

No Rik Smits because he's above average, but you have Sean Elliott? C'mon show the Ninja some love. Two-time all-star. One of my favorite shots of all time but certainly not unlikely

Anonymous 5/11/09, 8:17 PM  

I will admit, though that you are a bigger man than I am for including it. I skipped right over the Fisher shot.

Anonymous 5/11/09, 8:18 PM  

i only count Hedo in the Horry tip out shot and the big baby shot. where's no 3?

Anonymous 5/11/09, 9:04 PM  

Chauncey Billups from half court to send it into OT?

Anonymous 5/11/09, 9:04 PM  


how is that not even on here??? it was a buzzer beater/game winning shot that not only WON the game but sent the team to the finals! HOW IS IT NOT ON THIS LIST WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU! WHO cares if you hate the jazz IT WAS AN AWESOME SHOT AND IT SENT THEM TO THE FINALS. THE FINALS!!!!!!!!

Anonymous 5/11/09, 9:06 PM  

Gotta like big baby shoving the kid after he made the shot. Little brat.

Anonymous 5/11/09, 9:41 PM  

To all those saying "MJ" this and "Larry bird" that, its a list of UNLIKELY players scoring buzzer beaters.

everyone expects a player like MJ to take the last shot, but Steve Kerr? unlikely.

Good list.

Anonymous 5/11/09, 9:57 PM

Larry Johnson 4 point play. That's probably the game winner I remember most in the history of the NBA besides Robert Horry's lucky shots.

Anonymous 5/11/09, 10:29 PM

Roger Mason Jr. on Christmas!

Unknown 5/11/09, 11:01 PM  

GUYS GUYS GUYS, its unlikely shots, not great players great shots, dont be going on about bird and blah blah blah...i got mad respect for bird but its unlikely shots, thats why horry shouldnt be there but whoever didnt see what horry did that night until now might htink its unlikely but guess what HORRY IS THA SHIT!!!

Anonymous 5/12/09, 4:32 AM  

I can't believe nobody mentioned Reggie Miler against Chicago, Eastern Semis 1998!

Anonymous 5/12/09, 6:34 AM  

Someone is a Spurs fan.

Anonymous 5/12/09, 7:39 AM  

How can you miss the ultimate clutch?

Reggie Miller of the Pacers, earned the title "The Knick Killer" after he steals a playoff game by stealing 2 inbound passes and scoring 8 points in less than 10 seconds against New York?

Though I concede the low level of "unlikely" hero part.

Anonymous 5/12/09, 9:04 AM  

Maybe everyone here is too young, or too concentrated on 2nd rate players hitting the big shot. The ultimate buzzer beater has to be Jerry West in the 69 series against NY; a fuzzy copy of it can be found at about 6:35 of this series of clips

Anonymous 5/12/09, 2:21 PM  

Weak list Jordan, Stockten, plenty of others fisher was clutch on the .4 waste of time too put big baby on this list only one clutch shot horry should be up as he his

Anonymous 5/12/09, 2:22 PM  

Big shot bob hes always knockin them down

Anonymous 5/12/09, 2:51 PM  

I've never seen so many people make so many comments when they completely clueless about what the post is all about.

UNLIKELY buzzer-beaters. Stockton, Bird, Jordan, Miller=no-brainers. Big Baby or Elliot: yeah, those are surprising.

Anonymous 5/12/09, 9:19 PM  

this isn't playoffs, but you guys remember the alleyoop the knicks ran with .1 seconds left? that was pretty noice :)

Mark A. 5/13/09, 4:23 AM  

@ Jim N. (1st commenter)

that is not from a playoff game stupid

Anonymous 5/13/09, 8:47 AM  

LOL @ Mark A, i was waiting for someone to say that re: Devin Harris' shot.

Anonymous 5/13/09, 9:09 AM  

dirk's three point play against the spurs in 2006?

Anonymous 5/13/09, 4:22 PM  


David 5/16/09, 11:54 AM  

how bout Hedo Turkoglu's shot vs Philly

or Andre Iguodala's shot vs Orlando

and just becuz im a Nuggets fan how about Carmelo Anthonys GW shot vs Dallas

Anonymous 5/21/09, 8:26 PM  

fuck u and you and that queens bullshit they weere a better team than those faggot lakers. the lakers team should have had there fucking plane explode and all the players burn alive

Anonymous 5/25/09, 6:42 PM  

you forgot the greatest buzzer beater shot by the NBA Logo Jerry West NBA finals vs knicks 1970 63 feet

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