May 12, 2009

The Rest of the NBA's Most Improved List

Indiana Pacer Danny Grainger was named the NBA's Most Improved Player last night or today or whenever after having a pretty solid season for a pretty not-so-solid team.  I guess the award looks at points scored rather than intangibles or any relevant data when choosing.  Anyways, congrats to Danny!

After the announcement, we got to thinking about the other things, players, dancers, etc. that have improved over the last year. This list possibly could have gone on for years!

Most Improved Hairstyle - Carmelo Anthony, Allen Iverson, and Ben Wallace


We have been begging for 2+ years now for the god-awful twirling-designy corn row to disappear and sure enough, it happened!  These three players were essentially the fathers of corn and have kept hairstylists in business even during tough recession-esque times, but all 1999 ideas have to come to an end.  Just ask the scrunchy.  Much better boys, much better.

Most Improved Dance Team - Denver Nuggets Dance Team

This was probably the easiest decision of all after the wonderfully bouncy year that certain members of the Nuggets Dance team had while being captured on video during a certain "festive" night.  NBA dance teams around the country seem to be getting a bad rap for looking like strippers...well just so you know ladies, I'm here if you need any extra support or...hugs.

Most Improved Jerseys - Toronto Raptors in Black

The timing of the black jerseys was perfect even if the franchise had no idea HOW perfect.  Traditionally, human beings tend to wear black when attending a see where we're headed with this one?  And fortunately for our cause, they just hired their interim head coach.  Bury 'em.

Most Improved Rule - Blazers 6 Men-on-the-Court Rule

The league decided it should adjust itself after the Blazers snuck one of the greatest plays ever by the beloved Boston Celtics.  The "nation" was up in arms after they found themselves on the wrong end of a royal screwing.  How could this be!  No one messes with Bill Russell!  No one!

Most Improved PR Move - THE_REAL_SHAQ

I still hate Twitter (Make sure to follow us!) but when Shaquille O'Neal came out as the magnificent mind behind THE_REAL_SHAQ, fanboys around the interwebs became instantly erect with scavenger hunting emotions.  I'll even admit that during Shaq's last trip to Portland, my F5 key never got so much action.

Most Improved Ownership - Mark Cuban

Just when we thought Mark Cuban couldn't have been any more polarizing, he started talkin' bout mamas!  We're obviously still waiting for him to be "taken care of"...also nice to see Cuban stay technologically advanced by blogging an apology.  Classy and heartfelt.

Most Improved Baby - Glen "Big Baby" Davis

In one year, he's gone from crying on the end of the bench and living literally up to his nickname to dropping buzzer beaters in the NBA Playoffs while filling in for supposed tough guy and biggest heart in the game, Kevin Garnett.

Most Improved Official Hook-up - Marko Jaric/Adriana Lima


We all scoffed at Marko when the rumors started flying about his romance with Adriana Lima and then the S.O.B. married her.  Eloped.  Ruined wet dreams. Laughed at all of us.

Most Improved Toolbox - Kevin Garnett

Not only does the "Ticket" take on rookies and white guys like no one else, but he also finds that wearing v-neck sweaters and suits gives him even more responsibility of holding up his douch-ness.  We saw KG drop down on all fours, bark like a dog, challenge Ben Gordon from the sidelines, and swear up such a storm that TV cameras refuse to show his Goomba-like mug.

Most Improved Dunk Contest - LeBron Announces his Entry

We definitely aren't talking about that fixed sham of a dunk contest that went on this year.  The only good thing to come out of the 2009 dunk contest was the King himself announcing his entry into the 2010 showdown.  We are definitely all witnesses...

Anything else you found greatly improved upon this NBA season?

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Eric 5/13/09, 8:19 PM  

lol that blazers 6 man on the floor video is priceless!

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