May 5, 2009

OL's You be the GM - Channing Frye

Channing  Frye is easily one of our favorite Portland Trail Blazers and it saddens us to think that he is going to get  ton of "Go" votes while today's "You Be the GM" is running.  This is one of those guys that you want on your team because he brings such a humble and at times, hilarious perspective on life, basketball and Portland. 

This guy wants to be a fixture in this city for a long time, but can't seem to find his niche with this team.  And as well all know, the team is what really matters at this point especially when they are making strides towards that next NBA Championship.

On any given weekend, you can catch him at the Crown Room hanging with his fiancee and friends or even the random Sassy's appearance with the boys.  Whenever I've run into Channing, he's always just chillin', chattin' and enjoying life.  He goes pretty incognito when he's out, but what matters, is that he's OUT.  He's enjoying Portland, he's telling people about his favorite spots, and he's doing great things around the community.

Not to knock any of the other members of the team, but they aren't as visible as I think many of us would like.  This is a small enough city that you can easily become a part of it without going down the Zach Randolph or Darius Miles roads.

It really is too bad that his time here has probably come to an end; we'll hopefully see him around a few more times.

Your thoughts on Channing?

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