May 20, 2009

Pregnancy Rumors True for Dirk Nowitzki's Jailbird Girlfriend

Poor Dirk Nowitzki...

Cristal Taylor finally came out to the media that she is in fact pregnant and that her and Dirk were at one point engaged to be married.  (Like I've said about 10 times this week, I love the NBA.)  She also informed the media that she is alone and has no money since Dirk was her only source of income.  (Seriously Dirk...)

I'm just glad that this baby will one day grow up and be able to tell her friends that her mom found out she was pregnant with her while doing a urine and TB test in jail.
"They give you a urine test when you walk in and they give you a T.B. test," she said. "And the lady was like, 'Oh, so when are you due?' I was like, 'I don't know when the court date is due.' She was like, 'Uh, no, you're pregnant.'

"That was at intake. When I went upstairs, she said, 'I'm going to start you on these prenatal vitamins.' I was like, 'If you could just test me one more time, I just want to make sure.'"
She also decided to refute the rumors that she was a stripper at anytime in her life.
"I was a waitress at The Plantation," she said of a Beaumont gentleman's club. "I was never, ever a stripper in all my life."
She even claims to have called Dirk from prison but figures he had changed his phone numbers.
"Not only that, but they [the Mavericks] pretty much told him, after [the media] put out all that crap on me, to just wash his hands of me -- and I think he pretty much did," she said, according to the newspaper.
Now I'm not a betting man, but "Wash his hands of me" will never happen and we all know that.  Especially not with baby Dirk on the way!

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