July 6, 2009

2009 NBA Free Agent Signings/Trades

The 2009 NBA off-season may have provided an incredibly weak draft, but it sure hasn't disappointed with it's free agent class.  It was all supposed to be about the 2010 class, but with this year's batch, some of the big dogs in the NBA have gotten much, much better.

Here is a breakdown of the major NBA 2009 off-season free agent moves...

(As these become finalized and numbers are released we'll keep on updating.) 

Atlanta Hawks
-Re-sign Mike Bibby, G - 3 years $18 million

Boston Celtics
-Sign Rasheed Wallace, F

Chicago Bulls
-Sign Jannero Pargo, G - 1 year $2 million

Cleveland Cavaliers
-Trade for Shaquille O'Neal, C
-Re-sign Anderson Varajao, F - 6 years $42.5 million
-Sign Anthony Parker, G

Dallas Mavericks
-Re-sign Jason Kidd, G - 3 years $25 million
-Sign/Trade Shawn Marion, F - 5 years $39 million

Denver Nuggets
-Re-sign Chris Andersen, F - 5 years $26 million
-Trade for Aaron Afflalo, G/F

Detroit Pistons
-Sign Ben Gordon, G - 5 years $55 million
-Sign Charlie Villanueva, F - 5 years $35 million

Houston Rockets
-Sign Trevor Ariza, F - 5 years $33 million

Los Angeles Lakers
-Sign Ron Artest, G - 5 years $33 million

Memphis Grizzlies
-Trade for Zach Randolph, F

Orlando Magic
-Trade for Vince Carter, G/F
-Sign Brandon Bass, F - 4 years $18 million

Phoenix Suns
-Re-sign Grant Hill, F - 1 year $3 million
-Sign Channing Frye, F - 2 years $3.8 million

San Antonio Spurs
-Trade for Richard Jefferson, F
-Sign Antonio McDyess, F

Toronto Raptors
-Sign Hedo Turkoglu, F - 5 years $53 million
-Re-sign Andrea Bargnani, F - 5 years $50 million
-Sign Jarrett Jack, G - 4 years $20 million

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