July 30, 2009

Blazers Offered Lamar Odom $40 Million?

In random news of the day, ESPN is reporting that the Blazers, on Tuesday, offered Lamar Odom 5 years and $40 million which he declined.  It appears Odom will resign with the Los Angeles Lakers for just 4 years and $33 million instead.
Odom's destination for the 2009-10 season had remained in doubt after the Lakers pulled an initial offer of a reported $27 million guaranteed over three years off the table. As the other franchises with significant salary cap space spent their money elsewhere, the Miami Heat emerged as a serious contender for Odom's services. On Tuesday, the Portland Trail Blazers also got into the mix, offering a five-year, $40 million deal, according to a source close to Odom.
The interesting point in that paragraph is the "source close to Odom" which probably means it's completely false.  Where did this offer come from?  Who were the Blazers about to shed to bring in Odom?  At almost $8 million a year, they'd have to somehow get rid of Blake/Outlaw or Blake/Webster to drop back under the cap.

We'll go out on a leafy limb here and say that this report is complete garbage.


And the uber professional team of writers over at ESPN has now revised their story by removing Portland from the conversation.
One source close to Odom told ESPN that the Portland Trail Blazers on Tuesday joined the bidding with a potential five-year, $40 million offer. Yet lodging such a bid also would have required Portland to trade a player likely Travis Outlaw -- to a team with salary-cap space like Oklahoma City, thereby creating the cap space to make such an offer after the Blazers' recent signing of free-agent guard Andre Miller.

"It's not true," Odom's agent Jeff Schwartz said Thursday night. "I've had no discussions this week with the Blazers about Lamar."
Stay classy ESPN.

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ucatchtrout 7/30/09, 11:18 PM  

Sounds like a bit of NBA gossip and we'll likely never know what really happened. When I first heard that I thought that we'd likely had a conversation with Odom or his agent letting them know we'd find a way to cut a deal and make the money available if they were interested.

IF...thats what happened, they obviously passed.

And IF....thats what happened, hats off to KP for staying aggressive and trying to make something happen.

Looks like now the Lakers will be paying a hefty Luxury Tax.

kellex 7/31/09, 8:32 AM  

Or the Blazers had conversations about this contract before the Andre Miller signing. Either way, ESPN has shown us once again how pathetic they are to try and break a story.

"Let's not report on Ben Roethlisberger raping a woman, but throwing out unsubstantiated claims on free agency is ok!"

Plus, I was really hoping Odom would leave the western conference.

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