August 17, 2009

Portland Trail Blazers New 2009-10 Uniforms?

I know I just got done saying goodbye for 2 weeks and then this nice picture was launched on Twitter...

Apparently these are the uni's you'll see your boys wearing all season long.  Hmmm...

I'm down with the red, retro look but what's with the white jersey spamming "Rip City" cross the chest?  Sure, it's a nice slogan that's stuck with the team forever, but does it really need to be plastered on the front of the jersey?  I love the overall look of the whites, but having "Rip City" on the front is just a little weird.  

And it looks like you can already pre-order one of these bad boys if you'd like! Available October 1st!

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Anonymous 8/17/09 2:08 PM  

I thought the white ones were an alternate and the red ones are the hardwood classic for throwback games. They'll still have the jerseys they wore last year...these are for special games.

kellex 8/17/09 2:25 PM  

You are probably right and it looks like they are still selling last year's jerseys for everyone at the Blazers store.

It is time for a new look though...

Sheed 8/17/09 2:26 PM  

Both jerseys are alternates, they'll only be worn a handful of times. the uniforms we normally use are still going to be used on a regular basis.

kellex 8/17/09 2:59 PM  

Just glad it'll only be a handful of times. :)

Anonymous 8/24/09 2:04 PM  

They are nice, with a old school flair. News and Discussion

r'ness 9/21/09 3:43 PM  

they bring back the hay day of the blazers imma huge blazers fan i got the logo tatted behind my ear it shouldnt have said rip city next they'll say jail blazers lol should of just read blazers goin down the side like the red one or said portland! all we need now is Rip Hamilton on the team lmao but i love the red ones to bad there just alternate jerseys, i would love the white ones if they read portland goin down the side like the red one but would also b cool is if it said portland on one side and trail blazers on the other side where the stripes r located

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