September 16, 2009

Portland Favorites - End of Summer Update 2009

It's hard to believe that our initial "Portland Favorites" post was written almost an entire year ago.  Amazing how fast life goes by when your dirty martini (up, tanqueray 10, 3 olives) is always needing a refill.  And with life constantly changing, our favorites also seem to be changing especially with the turn of a new season.  Time for an update of places the BoL approves that you should definitely drop a dollar on.  (Plus with Channing gone, you need someone with a Blazer connection to keep feedin' you the goods, right?)

Most Fabulous Cocktail

Teardrop Lounge (1015 NW Everett St) - This place has been written up time and time again in some of the most prolific periodicals in the entire country and rightfully so.  You got a hot date or just need something new and uber-delicious?  I definitely recommend the Coupe de Jour so you can see this bartenders really work some magic.

Best Locally Fresh Grilled-ness

Village Hut (7647 SW Capitol Hwy) - Since I live in Multnomah Village, I'm partial to some of the restaurants around here and one in particular is the Village Hut.  A couple of young local dudes run this joint and impress me every time.  Fresh local seafood, meats and other fixins' make this place so worth it.  Just one block from the Lucky Lab, make sure to stop by and say what's up to AJ.

Best T-Shirt Shop

Upper Playground (23 NW 5th Ave) - Need some new threads?  There isn't a better t-shirt shop in town if you ask me.  Their lines are constantly changing and they even throw in some Blazer themed gear from time to time.  What's even more fantastic about this place are the prices.  Oh and check out this sick MJ shirt.

Best Beer Festival

Portland International Beer Fest (N Park Blocks in Pearl) - I'm telling you right now to forget the Oregon Brewers Festival unless of course you like dealing with 20,000 douchebags singing beer chants, waiting 30 minutes in a line for a mini-pour, and standing on heaps of sand for hours on end.  Now, if you like real beer that you've likely never had before, a mature crowd of beer connoisseurs, and a festival completely worthy of your $20, then check out this one.

Any new favorites that you'd like to tell us about?

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