September 14, 2009

Product Review: - Blazers Keychains

One of the nice things about blogging, is the free stuff that companies send off for you to play with, attempt to break, learn to love and then write about.  Nothing better than free stuff, eh?

A month or so ago, a company named Wholesale Keychains sent us a couple of Trail Blazers keychains that we actually liked enough to give a quick shout out about.  Here is a quick pic of the cute little guy:

They are a good enough sized keychain that they fit nicely on a set of keys yet aren't so large that your pocket looks like it's about to explode.  It also seems like a pretty durable piece of metalized Blazer-ness that shouldn't break the first time your dog has play time with the car keys.

Action shot!  (BAM!)

It looks like they are selling them for $9.99 which sounds pretty cheap, but I really have no idea since I'm not necessarily a keychain aficionado.  Overall though, a nice little product that we could all add to our collection of Blazers gear and memorabilia.

If anyone is interested in one, I have an extra that I'm sure I could snail mail out to you.  Let me know!

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