October 16, 2009

The Afterparty: Blazers/Jazz Preseason Game 5

A party full of post-game links and coverage to give you every over-analyzed angle in hopes of making your Blazers IQ that much greater.

Admitting upfront that I hardly listened to this game is probably best.  However, I did catch most of the 2nd half and the game's outcome was as expected.  Without your two stars, you shouldn't expect much.  Portland managed to keep the game fairly close, but some hot play from a couple of Utah rookies proved to be too much.  And the "rookie" portion of that sentence is alarming.

When you check out the highlights in the lower section, you'll pretty much see exactly what we know about this Blazers team.  I'll list them for you.  Outlaw has zero basketball IQ, zero defensive abilities, and awesome hair.  Blake can get hot and stay hot from deep.  Miller's game is as pure is anyone's.  Oden is becoming Godzilla.  Bayless still can't dribble with either hand.  Turnovers, turnovers, and more turnovers.
  • Some quick hitting coverage of last night's snoozer.  [Blazers Edge]
  • Allowing 96 points from the scrubs is good "D?"  [Salt Lake Tribune]
  • The enemy recap from the land of Joseph Smith.  [SLC Dunk]
  • The Jarron Collins story, by Joe Freeman.  [Behind the Beat]
  • And we're back to last year's starting five come Sunday.  [Behind the Beat]
  • Rudy Fernandez is a "bust out?"  [Bulls.com]
  • Recap.  Box score...

  • Lowlights...

  • Tweet of the game...

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Basketball John 10/17/09 4:08 PM  

Thanks for the link to SLCDunk. Joseph Smith never made it to Utah thought.

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