October 23, 2009

Andre Miller is the 6th Man

If you missed Jason Quick's latest Behind the Blazers Locker Room Door (aka longest column title in history), he chats with Brandon Roy and Nate McMillan who essentially break the news that Andre Miller will be coming off the bench once the regular season starts.
So did that mean Thursday’s starting lineup of Blake, Roy, Batum, Aldridge and Oden would open the season against Houston?

McMillan smiled and his eyes danced. It was the type of smile, the type of look, that after five years of covering him I understand means “yes”, but he wasn’t going to go on record and say it.

“You write what you think,’’ he said, finally breaking into a laugh. “I’ll let you know in a couple of days.’’

After the game, Roy emphatically said that would be the lineup.
Whether you agree with it or not, you can't be all the disappointed.  In fact, this might make the second unit one of the strongest in the entire NBA.  Unlike years past, the bench crew will now have a floor general that's been a proven leader and winner for 10+ years.  There can no longer be conversations about the need of Roy and Miller to both dominate the ball...until the 4th quarter anyway.

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Seth 10/24/09 5:38 PM  

I very much appreciate your photoshop reference to a terrible Wayans movie. Impressive.

kellex 10/24/09 9:15 PM  

Might just be one of the worst hoops films ever. I'd rather watch Like Mike 2.

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