October 31, 2009

The Pre-Funk: Blazers at Rockets 10/31

The all day coverage you need to go into tonight's contest.  We're just making sure you're prepared to drop that extra knowledge on the brosephs to get you another smidgen of respect.

Party Attendees...

This is the rematch we've been waiting for.  No, we don't mean from Tuesday night.  No, we don't mean from the Playoffs.  And no, we don't mean from the 1994 Playoffs.  We're talking about the 1st round loss in the 2009 NBA Dance Bracket people.  (It must have been the school girl outfits?)  And yeah, somehow those 2008-09 Power Dancers took it all the way to the championship where they were easily dismantled by the Miami Heat Dancers who will make a man out of any boy.  If you go back and look at our 2009-10 NBA Dance Team rankings, you'll see that the Blazer Dancers came back strong this year and will surely be a force come this year's tourney.

And on to the actual game...

On Wednesday, the Rockets squeaked one out on the road against the Warriors in a game that saw the Trevor Ariza Houston was hoping for.  It also featured the Aaron Brooks and Luis Scola that had the Blazers looking silly in last year's Playoff matchup.  Since this is the home opener for Houston, I would expect a tough battle whether you feel the Rockets are a bottom feeder or not.  Let's also not forget that Portland has lost 7 in a row in Houston and will be coming off a loss at home to the Nuggets which we would like to forget forever.  (Except for Martell's baseline hammer followed by the clowning of Carmelo's dunk attempt in back-to-back possessions was fantastic!)

Look for one thing to happen tonight:  LaMarcus Aldridge to finally have a $65 million game.  (He loves him some Texas where everything is as big as his contract.) 

On Tap...
  • Love hearing that the Blazers have "size."  [Houston Chronicle]
  • Also love seeing Aaron Brooks succeeding.  [khou.com]
  • Jarrett Jack a better backup than Dre Miller?  [Hoopsvibe]
  • Blazers point guards are all struggling.  [Blazer Banter]
  • Plenty of support coming from teammates to Oden.  [Jason Quick]
  • Dave pumps out another game preview.  [Blazers Edge]
  • Enemy coverage of the finest sort.  [The Dream Shake]
  • No All-Star bid for Aldridge this year?  [DIME]
Cheap Shots...

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