November 23, 2009

The Bipolar Blazers

After performances like Friday night's, you have to wonder how this team isn't on pace with the Timberwolves for the gutter spot in the west.  And then after performances like Saturday night's, you wonder if this team isn't on pace to challenge the Lakers for the NBA Championship.  In just 15 games, we've already been through such extreme highs and lows that Lindsay Lohan just called to say, "Hi."

A basic season breakdown would look something like this:  multiple injuries, Dre Miller drama to Dre Miller laughter, the 3-guard lineup successes to 3-guard lineup embarrassments, Brandon Roy happiness to confusion, back to happiness and at least an extra case of wine on our end.  I'm just not sure how much more of this I can take.

This Trail Blazers team sits at 10-5.  That puts them (record-wise) with the elite teams in the entire NBA.  We're talking on par with the Celtics, Suns, Lakers, Cavs, Magic, Hawks and Mavs.  Does anyone actually feel like they belong in that category?  I sure as hell don't.  But then sometimes I do.

On Friday, I was on the road for the first half goodness and standing arms crossed in a living room for the second half god-awfulness.  On Saturday, I was on the road for the first half of uneasiness and finally sitting down during a second half of dominance.  You could almost sense the trap being set in Golden State, while at the same time guaranteeing a blowout against Minnesota the following day.  Is Portland starting to be come that predictable or are we just used to the ups and downs by now?

Someone get me a bottle of Lithium with a side of Lexapro.

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