November 6, 2009

The Pre-Funk: Spurs/Blazers 11/6

The all day coverage you need to go into tonight's contest.  We're just making sure you're prepared to drop that extra knowledge on the brosephs to get you another smidgen of respect.

Party Attendees...

The Discovery Channel needs to call Manu Ginobili stat.  Why?  Because we've finally found someone that can give Bear Grylls a run for his money.  If you have been living in seclusion and have no idea what I'm talking about, check out the gif.  And I don't want anyone to even try bringing up that Les Stroud "Survivorman" guy.  His panties are on tighter than Aldridge's.

This obviously poses quite the threat to "your" Portland Trail Blazers who appear to be softer than a vegan arena bat.  Fortunately, the Spurs are coming off a bondage-esque beating from the Utah Jazz last night, followed by a late night flight into the semi-hurricane which almost ruined a good night of bar hopping for the Blaze of Love crew.

Did the Blazers fix anything over the last 2.5 days?  We'll find out tonight.  Did Nate McMillan run them into a sloppy melting mess to set a new tone in hopes of fixing it all?  You damn right he did.

On Tap...
Cheap Shots...

The day all basketball fans rejoiced.

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