December 3, 2009

The 9 Best Allen Iverson Commercials

This post may come off a little weird as it has nothing do with the Blazers and everything to do with one of my least favorite NBA players, but bear with me.  The funny thing is, I woke up this morning and for whatever reason, starting thinking about Allen Iverson of all people.  (Creepy?  Yes.  I'm married to a woman?  Yes.  OK, settled.)  And I started getting a little sad when realizing what this guy had done for the game, how big he was in his prime both on and off the court, and then now to see how far he's dropped.  At one time though, he was as big as you could possibly get in the NBA.  Seriously, this guy actually got me to buy 2 pairs of Reeboks during my playing days which is a pretty big deal.

A quick tribute was needed as he returns to Philadelphia where we can remember all the good things about Allen Iverson.  Here's a look back at his best commercials...

The Rookie Season Intro - His intro to the league and possibly one of the top 5 basketball shoes of all time.

The Crossover - I'm guessing you all remember this one?  Right around the beginning of mainstream streetball, Iverson was puttin' on crossover clinics via commercial. (Apologies for the quality.)

NBA All-Star 06 featuring Pharrell - At the height of Pharrell's career, he dropped a beat for pre-All-Star coverage on AI. It's actually pretty smooth.

The Warrior - A true iron man, that's for damn sure.

The A4 Video - This commercial actually sucks, but his hair in the red bandanna is fantastic.

The A5 featuring Jadakiss - Snagging Jadakiss to help run your Reebok ads never hurts. Nice work kid.

The A6 featuring Jadakisss - Yep, he snagged Jadakiss again to do a bit in his A6 commercial and even snuck in a few rhymes of his own.  Topper.

The Double Crossover - The best Allen Iverson commercial ever.  Hands down.  You can't beat this one.  When this commercial dropped, every basketball player in the country was trying to emulate this move even though it did nothing for your game.

I Love This Game - This commercial might be the most important with Iverson's return to Philly.  Memories....memories.

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