December 8, 2009

I Heart 2009-10 Miami Heat Dancers

We gave the 2009-10 Miami Heat Dancers a ton of love in our NBA dance team rankings earlier this year based a lot on their history and now that pictures are finally starting to come out, we were spot on.  And more recently, they unveiled their season poster which included quite the party and a little catwalk action.

Here are some of the pictures that made up their newest poster...

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13B 12/8/09 12:20 PM  

God bless America.

kellex 12/8/09 12:44 PM  

And silver bikinis.

Anonymous 12/8/09 1:03 PM  

skankiest dancers ever

Anonymous 12/8/09 1:08 PM  

And the issue with that being?

Anonymous 12/9/09 12:46 PM  

"She's got feelings too!"

/s/ Ron Burgundy

Jimmy 12/10/09 11:50 AM  

Somebody needs to stop hating. How is anyone skanky? If by skanky you meant they look better than you do, then I guess you are right. hater.

kellex 12/10/09 12:51 PM  

Amen Jimmy. That might be the best comment ever.

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