December 4, 2009

McMillan on Miller "We have him now." Uh, What?

On the same day that trade rumors break on Andre Miller, Nate McMillan stepped aside with his ice pack at practice for some comments concerning his newly acquired guard.

None of these are sounding incredibly positive.  In fact, maybe it's time for Dre to open up a bit and become a part of this team.  I've been a huge supporter of his from day 1, but at some point, we all have to make sacrifices and step out of our little shells to find success.

Brain T. Smith of Columbian fame has this...
On whether he's seeing progress in Miller fitting in with the Blazers:

No. Because that's who he is. ... The progress is — no, he doesn't talk. He's a very, very quiet individual. And he is to himself. It's almost like — sometimes silence is worse than someone who talks. Because you can't, you don't have a read. Or you don't know how to — you try to figure out how to communicate with them. And it may not be personal, but you can take it that way. Sometimes, being in a room and not saying anything can say just as much as someone who ...

For me, it's new. And I have to try to communicate with him and talk to him and get him to understand what we need and where I'm coming from. But also read him. Because all of our guys are different. You can't treat one guy; you expect the same thing from them, but they all are a little different. Some guys want to be talked to and shown. Some guys want to be kind of left alone, and some guys are to themselves. And there's some guys that come in here loud. And you have to adapt to all these personalities. I'm sitting here — I've got 15 personalities that I have to adapt to and they all are different. No one guy is the same. So, that is what I have to adapt to. How to
Make sure to read the rest of the chat here.

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torridjoe 12/4/09 4:11 PM  

link is busted, my friend...

kellex 12/4/09 4:18 PM  

Hah dammit. Fixed.

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