January 7, 2010

2010 NBA All-Star Rosters - Final Balloting Update

Update 1/28:   2010 NBA All-Star Reserves Picked!

The final balloting update was just released and is the last update before we hear the official announcement as to who was voted in by fans to start the 2010 NBA All-Star game.  Or maybe we should just call this the race against Tracy McGrady?

Western Conference

1.  Kobe Bryant (1,793,782)
2.  Tracy McGrady (746,625)
3.  Steve Nash (744,250)
4.  Chris Paul (701,417)
5.  Aaron Brooks (443,369)
10.  Brandon Roy (257,231)

1.  Carmelo Anthony (1,568,259)
2.  Dirk Nowitzki (826,130)
3.  Tim Duncan (776,225)
4.  Pau Gasol (754,070)
5.  Kevin Durant (556,847)
11.  LaMarcus Aldridge (177,663)

1.  Amare Stoudemire (1,304,470)
2.  Andrew Bynum (743,182)
3.  Nene (261,295)
4.  Marc Gasol (217,675)
5.  Antonio McDyess (157,346)
7.  Greg Oden (136,388)

Eastern Conference tops 5's after the break.

Eastern Conference

1.  Dwyane Wade
2.  Allen Iverson
3.  Vince Carter
4.  Ray Allen
5.  Gilbert Arenas

1.  LeBron James
2.  Kevin Garnett
3.  Chris Bosh
4.  Paul Pierce
5.  Josh Smith

1.  Dwight Howard
2.  Shaquille O'Neal
3.  Al Horford
4.  Andrea Bargnani
5.  Brook Lopez

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Max 1/19/10 5:27 PM  

all star voting is a joke

Anonymous 1/21/10 8:06 PM  

how does Aaron Brooks make the all star team and Monta Ellis doesn't?!?!

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