January 6, 2010

The Afterparty: Grizzlies/Blazers Game 37

A party full of post-game links and coverage to give you every over-analyzed angle in hopes of making your Blazers IQ that much greater.

Everyone shut the hell up.  I've heard so much garbage this morning about last night's game that I've finally cracked.  Seriously, what the hell do you all expect?  This team is scraping by, fighting on every possession and doing everything possible to salvage a season that had pretty lofty expectations.  And for some reason, to everyone around here, those expectations seem to not be changing.  You can't lose 5 of your key players at the beginning of an 82 game season and continue to bitch and moan after every single loss.

Let's just address some of the shit we've been hearing this morning...

"Give Patty Mills a chance!"  - So you want the guy who was added at the end of training camp as the 15th roster spot to start logging meaningful minutes?  Oh, because he had 2 solid games in...the D-League?  I understood when everyone wanted Bayless to get his shot since, well, he was a lottery pick and all, but the 55th overall pick that wouldn't have been drafted had the Blazers not snagged him? They brought him back to fill roster spots, act as a body in practice and come in during blowouts.

"Brandon Roy is playing too many minutes!" - You got a better option?  When your backup scoring options are ALL sidelined, what else you going to do?  If he was only playing 35 minutes a night, you'd all be complaining that he's not playing enough.  Or better yet, I encourage Nate to shorten Brandon's night so then we can be treated to 25 point losses each night.  That make you happy?

"Give Shavlik a shot!" - Seriously, go away.

"The refs suck!" - Or they made a ballsy call in favor of an aggressive play during the most important possession of the game.  Was it questionnable?  Sure was.  Should Brandon Roy have taken care of the f-ing ball?  You damn right.  A game clinching situation and you go pussy-fingered on the ball at mid-court?  And did they miss the call on Webster's flop three in the corner?  Maybe.  Since when do 3rd rate players get game ending calls?  Contact on that shot was instigated by an extended leg from the shooter.  Focusing on actually knocking down that three might have worked too.

"Play Miller in the 4th!" - OK, I agree with this one.  The guy dominated Memphis all night and come the 4th quarter, he disappears to the end of the bench.  Sometimes, in-game adjustments are needed Nate.

We all love passion, but mixing it with ignorance is scary.

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