February 22, 2010

Weekend Recap - Boston and the Jazz

The Celtics Disaster

Friday's game against the Boston Celtics was not pretty. The team did not play well together. Maybe it was due to the trade, but none the less, the showing was ugly. Camby had only one practice with the team prior to the game which showed as he finished with 2 pts and 7 rebounds in 29 minutes. I don't think I expected much with his first game, but the loss made it sting a bit more. Brandon Roy also had an off game. He played 34 minutes and finished with 9 pts. Realizing that this is only his 2nd game since January, he really needs to pull himself out of this rut so that we know where your heart is at. Start feeling comfortable with Miller as your point guard and stop whining about your best friend being traded away. We need you more than ever right now.

The Jazz Collapse

Last night's game against the Utah Jazz was quite a bummer! I sat at home with the Mr. yelling emphatically at the TV hoping the team could hear me. We were playing like the team we know and Camby was playing like the defensive player of the year we knew from three years ago. He may not have added a lot of points but he finished with a huge 18 rebounds, 4 blocks, and 2 steals. He also had about 6 or 7 tip outs for another Portland shot clock which made the Jazz play more defense than anticipated. Another shining light for Portland was the re-emergence of Nicolas Batum with 14pts and 9 rebounds in 32 minutes. (I really hope that Nate McMillan took notes last night and puts Batum back in the starting lineup.)

Even with those 2 positives we were still left with one giant negative.  Just when we thought that this could turn into a blow out, the Jazz rallied back as they always do against Portland. Carlos Boozer finished with 22pts and 23 rebounds plus the shot that put us into overtime. And any Blazer fan can tell you that we often don't fare well in overtime which remained true again last night.

Looking Forward

With those two games now behind us, we need to look forward to our 5 game road trip, which we should come out on top in all 5.  It'll be a difficult road test, but one that will either make or break the 2009-10 season.

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