November 21, 2008

15 Thoughts vs. Sacramento 11/21

One game at home and two more immediately following on the road? It has been one hell of a schedule so far for “your” Portland Trail Blazers. First, they start off with the toughest 5 game stretch to begin a season in decades, then head out on a 5 game road swing, come home for 1, and head back out for 2. At least their good fortunes have made this start much more acceptable. Now, on to the Kings and probably the most boring of NBA franchises. A little 15 to spice things up?

1. Looked at the Kings roster lately? +1 Blazers
2. Kevin Martin takes on Greg Oden part 2. Toss Up
3. Now realizing Martin is out for tonight’s match-up. +1 Blazers
4. Kings Dance Team is more than worth an hour look. +1 Kings
5. Maloofs vs. Paul Allen. +1 Kings (they own the freakin’ Palms people)
6. Spencer Hawes admittedly loving George Bush. -15 Idiot-ness
7. Greg Oden admittedly loving Barack Obama. +15 Smart-ness
8. Seriously, John Salmons is averaging 18.8 pts/game? +1 Blazers
9. Przybilla betting $1000 to the first player to dunk on Hawes. +1 Outlaw
10. Kings have won the last 3 meetings. +1 Kings
11. ESPN Accuscore! Woohoo! +1 Blazers
12. Kings website promoting an Oden vs. Hawes match-up. +1 I’m Laughing Right Now
13. This Brad Miller wallpaper. +1 Now Laughing Hysterically
14. LaMarcus breaking out of his prolonged suck-fest. Toss Up
15. Who is going to stop Brandon Roy? +1 Blazers

Totals:  Blazers 5   Kings 3   Hawes -15   Oden 15   Outlaw 1   Laughter 2

Predicted Winner:  Blazers

Other Blazers/Kings previews:

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