May 26, 2009

8 Reasons the Denver Nuggets are the Most Entertaining Team in Sports

I'm seriously starting to consider the Denver Nuggets as the most entertaining team in sports.  Sure, the team might live up its "Thuggets" nickname on a nightly basis and look like complete tattooed freaks, but that's still entertaining is it not?  The list below are almost all events or images from game 4 which is pretty ridiculous.  What other franchise can come up with this much amazing entertaining garbage in one night?

8.  Because the Birdman has his own Mascot.

The TV cameras can't get enough of the Birdman-esque hairstyles all over the crowd, but we can't get enough of the Nuggets Birdman inspired mascot complete with tatts, hair and a white stain under his nose.  (Are those Nuggets Dancers in the background...)

7.  Because JR Smith's Thuglife GIF's are amazing.

During Game 4, you'd have thought that JR Smith was an NBA All-Star who was in the midst of scoring 50+ after seeing gang signs, chest pounds, dancing and an elite level of foul bitching.


6.  Because Carmelo Anthony standing perfectly in front of Pau Gasol is awesome.

No explanation needed as to the awesome-ness of this.

5.  Because they still have the Nuggets Dancers.

Everytime I see the Nuggets Dancers, my jaw drops.  We've seen the videos and photos and website and...we just can't get enough.

4.  Because head coach George Karl got that scar from a rottweiler attack as a child and survived.

The announcers last night decided to share the story of George Karl's fantastic looking scar.  It sounds like he was some sort of man-child and managed to escape the jaws of a rottweiler at a very young age.  Gangster.

3.  Because their family members get involved in the fun.

I think we all are sick of the much publicized feud between Kenyon Martin and his Mom with Mark Cuban, but we can't forget about Carmelo's wife Lala Vasquez.

2.  Because Birdman GIFs are even better than JR Smith's Thuglife GIFs.

Was it Basketbawful that coined the "Duncan Face"?  Well someone needs to officially coin the "Andersen Face."  Think he's suffering from a case of lockjaw this morning?

chris andersen birdman1

1. Because they get spoofed on WWE Monday Night Raw.

Vince McMahon probably needs to be knocked the hell out, but you've still got to give the guy credit as a promotional magician.  He turned this whole Nuggets vs. WWE scheduling conflict into the biggest event of the WWE for well, one week.  Make sure to click on through for the rest of the antics.

(Via Hot Clicks) who also has the rest.

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tarius 5/26/09 7:04 PM  

because they have a badboy images and fans love to watch badboys playing on the court

remember the piston still with chauncey with them?

kellex 5/26/09 8:52 PM  

so true, fans love bad boys unless they are doing drugs or having sex with girls in colorado.

Anonymous 5/27/09 2:11 AM  

you mean 'especially when they are' doing...

Anonymous 5/27/09 8:50 AM  

Good article, #6 pick is classic, like a cross between rick james and matisyahu

kellex 5/27/09 9:20 AM  

Yeah someone needs to give that photog a raise.

Anonymous 5/27/09 9:43 AM  

I'm pretty sure Duncan Face (along with many other faces) probably originated via Bill Simmons on ESPN.
I love the Nuggets because they're the most-tatted team in the league. It kills me that tough guy Kenyon Martin has kissy lips on his neck hahaha

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